ATMS College
ATMS College

From the Desk of Principal

“Time is ongoing component of Life and so it is the Process of Education.”

ATMS College of Education, Hapur values time and learning with same integrity.

The reflection of this is marked in performance of student in various Domains.

Our able trained and inspired students exhibit their potential at city, District, State and National levels. The achievements made by kletes are matchless in the city who gives a new challenge to their opponents whenever they perform.

A plethora of Opportunities are provide to our students with an objective to make them tough, skilled and equipped so, they can move into the world as confident individuals to pursue their Dreams and Desires.

I feel my students should be provided with all the necessary tools and essentials skills here itself in school and to my Contentment my team of passionate Klites, Devoted and concerned staff and parents have been working hard in realizing the dreams of success.

Now it’s the time to create a history with new aims and goals and to reach them with hard work, Determination and faith in oneself.

So let’s take off for achieving one more year of success, achievements and accomplishments and set new heights and parameters for the next move.

All the Best

Seeking blessing from God for each one of us

Dr. Satyaveer Singh

(Principal of B.Ed)

Veer Pal Singh

Asst. Professor

Amita Sharma


Jyoti Sharma


Dr. Poonam Sharma






Vikas Shukla


Sabit Baudh


Akhilesh Kumar Sharma




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